How To Rock The Minimalist Style

Less is more is less – when it comes to fashion, it is just shades of grey, no black or white. It’s each to his own.

Moving on, throughout art history, “minimalism” has been a favorite of the masters. Apparently, they aren’t the only ones who have adopted this way of life. Minimalism has become a rage in the world of fashion with enthusiasts painting the town with streaks of minimalistic fashion.

Now, what is minimalistic style or more simply, minimalism? According to our ever-so-dependable Oxford Dictionary, minimalism is the “deliberate lack of decoration or adornment in style or design”.
At first glance, minimalism seems like an incomplete approach but these fashionistas tell a different story all together.



This young girl makes something of a fashion statement as she choose to wear black from head-to-toe. The lack of color does not play to her advantage, instead, it makes her stand out as she fits in.


Wrapped in hues of black and white, we see this lovely damsel walk down the street, looking as picturesque as ever. The minimalism of her outfit is enhanced by the colour around as she stands to be different from it.


Who ever thought that the lack of color could look so striking? Here we see a flawless example of how  minimal of colors create effortless fashion.


Back in the 80s, this would have been considered an outrage but in 2015, it is the go-to style. The look unfolds some well thought minimalistic style with an asymmetrical dress and some basic accessories. The lack of statement fashion pieces does not take away from anything, instead, it brings out sophisticated style.




Combining another of this year’s trends, granny hair, we see some minimalism at work. Some might call it an incomplete look but for those who know minimalistic style, know the brilliance of it.

So, ditch the color and embrace the beauty of hues. Get on your minimalistic game and rule the world.