How to survive a long distance relationship

Most of us have reached that point in time where we’ve had to let go of a summer romance because it wasn’t meant to be – if distance didn’t come as an easy decision to you, but you wanted to make it work either way, here are our tips on how to stay afloat.

Communication is key: Thank God that we live in a digital age where sharing pictures has become as easy as passing a sheet of paper in a classroom, we wouldn’t understand the dedication LDR’s took in a time where only letters and postcards existed.

A still from the movie You've got mail - showing us the bright side of communication
A still from the movie You’ve got mail, that showed us the longing for communication

Set Skype dates, find a convenient time that works with both timezones. Talk at length about your day or how your week at work or college was. You’d be surprised at how pointless conversations about even a sandwich you ate can turn out to be so interesting when distance comes into play.  That’s the advantage that an LDR has over a regular relationship – you meet and talk everyday about the same things or sometimes don’t even talk at all, whereas in an LDR, you take a natural effort to converse.

Talk about the future: Make plans! Mark X’s on a calendar until the date you’ll be together, update your countdown status every day – planning creates an excitement, yearning and butterflies until the two of you see each other again.


Plan dinner dates, of the places you’d like your partner to visit with you, the food you’d like them to taste, the friends you’d like for them to meet. Making plans never hurt anyone, so what if you’ll only live up to only half of the things you said you’d do.


Have a little faith: Walking into a long distance relationship with the fear of suspicion just won’t do, have some trust in your partner.


Do not assume the worst always and hound them like a watch dog constantly asking them who they are with. Trust your gut, it will tell you when some thing’s not right.

Don’t be foolish: Don’t walk into in LDR without knowing what you’re up against. Have the right foundation from the start, don’t have the ‘we’ll deal with issues as they come’ attitude – see yourselves as a team conquering the distance between you.


Lastly, don’t forget to make the time you do spend together worthy and unforgettable – rest assured, you’re bound to overcome the distance with ease.


If you can relate, tell us, how are you holding up?