How To Wear Your Belts To Flatter Your Body Type

The correct belt can make or break an outfit, that’s what SC believes! We tell you which belts to wear in order to flatter your body shape.

First off, identify your body shape, especially the long form and the waist area.

If you have a straight boyish figure, you should choose a dark-colored belt that’s medium wide. Wearing belts at the empire waist can create the illusion of greater curves.

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If you have a larger body frame – tall and curvy – you should go for larger belts. Pick up chic wide belts that will emphasize your cinched waist!



For the petite girls, wearing skinny belts of the same colour as your outfit works every time. It cinches the waist and brings curves into sharp focus without breaking the silhouette and thus gives the illusion of a taller figure.

MBFW Street Style New York


Girls with apple or pear body shapes can wear medium to wide belts (not too wide if your frame doesn’t allow it).


The lucky ones with hourglass figures can wear almost all kinds of belts! Experiment with textures and styles in belts. A chic way to wear a long scarf is to tuck it into a belt. You can also go slightly edgy and wear a belt with a saree!

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We tend to overlook the belt as an accessory, but it can really add that much needed panache to an ensemble. Make sure to save space for this super important accessory in your closet. You can even wear it over sweaters and cardigans for a polished look.

SC Tip: To hide a bit of belly flab, wear a thin belt slightly loose. Or just loosely knot a belt so that it hangs slightly lower on your abdomen.