Huge News For SATC Fans!

We’re freaking out ’cause Carrie Bradshaw and her girls might be returning to our TV screens soon! Sex and the City’s creators and cast have been teasing fans and dropping hints all around! Through all the speculation, one thing is for sure – we’re either getting a third movie or a whole new season of our favorite fashionable show! Click HERE to find out more about the “hints”!

All this news is enough to send us spiralling back to those style filled days when each Carrie outfit made us sigh with envy! In anticipation of further solid good news, we took a stroll down memory lane and made a list of top 10 Carrie Bradshaw outfits! It was super tough to narrow it down to top 10, since majority of her outfits were fabulous, but we managed to pick out the ones that defined her chic yet carefree style!

1. The Iconic Tutu – This outfit is and will always be remembered as an iconic dress of Carrie’s, even it was never actually worn on the show (only the opening credits and the closet packing scene in the first movie!). 


2. The Metallic Belt on Floral Dress – This outfit from Season 2 showed us that Carrie Bradshaw knew her style and was not afraid of mixin’ it up a bit. She fearlessly paired a heavy metallic belt with ditsy, ultra feminine dress and it totally worked!


3. Richard Tyler “Splash” dress – In Season 3, Carrie went to see Big the first time after he broke up with Natasha, and she pulled out all the proverbial stops with this Richard Tyler ruffled dress. Too bad she fell into the lake wearing the smokin’ number!


4. The Lace Dress – For the Season 4 finale, Carrie chose to wear a lacy lingerie dress and a psychedelic coat to go out with Mr. Big on a farewell date. She paired this awesome outfit with gorgeous Louboutin shoes that got ruined when Miranda’s water broke epically all over them!


5. The Skirt Suit – This pinstripe skirt suit from Vivienne Westwood that Carrie wore to the Vogue offices was a real grown up and utterly chic outfit, which just proved that Miss Bradshaw’s professional tastes were as classy as the rest of her wardrobe. 


6. The Flapper Dress – The 20’s inspired flapper dress that Carrie wore to Berger’s book launch is one of our all time favorites! Also, Carrie looked adorable and oh-so-chic in that pixie crop.


7. Polka Dots in Paris – When Carrie moved to Paris, she wore this very “her” (and by that we mean “pretty” and “flouncy”) polka dot dress, before stepping onto dog poop soon after. 


8. The Fur Coat – This was perhaps the “most worn” piece of clothing on this show, with Carrie wearing it multiple times! Our favorite look is from Season 6, when she comes back to New York and all things that scream “Classic Carrie”, like the pleated skirt and colorful layering! 


9. The Oscar de la Renta dress – This exquisite dress by Oscar de la Renta reached the Audrey Hepburn level on chic scales. Carrie wore this dress in Season 6 when she went on a dinner date with Aleksandr Petrovsky and danced in McDonald’s!


10. The Versace Milles Feuilles gown – The lovely gown she wore while she waited and waited for Petrovsky in Paris is on every “Best Carrie Looks” list we have ever come across.



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