I’m not short, I’m fun-sized – the short girl’s guide to looking taller

Why should tall girls have all the fun?

We’ve all felt envious of our model-tall friends at least once, and wondered why we weren’t gifted with legs for days. But that’s where these hacks come in! For when you can’t put on a pair of six-inch, sky high heels, these are some tricks you should definitely try.


1. Vertical is the way to go 

Just like horizontal stripes make you look wider, vertical patterns can elongate your entire physique and help you appear taller.


2. High-waisted bottoms = legs for days 

From pants to skirts, wear them high-waisted. If your waist-band sits right above where your natural waistline is, it can help give the illusion that your legs begin much higher than they actually do and give you some height. Similarly, avoid low-rise bottoms as they will make your legs look much shorter.


3. No-no to ankle straps

Strappy heeled sandals are all the rage right now, but these straps can actually cut your legs off due to the their horizontal lines. To really elongate yourself, stick to pumps and open-toed sandals.


4. Hello monochrome

Crazy patterns and colours are fun to try, but may make you look shorter. Wearing a monochrome outfit creates a solid line for your eyes to follow, instead of segmenting your body into different parts and colours. Therefore, on a night where you want to look especially tall, stick to a long, dark gown for the best results.


5. Short hair, don’t care

If you’re really committed to looking taller, a short, crisp haircut could be just the thing you need. Long hair tends to swamp shorter figures, so instead of allowing your hair to overwhelm your physique, brave the cut!



IMAGE COURTESY: Youtube.com, Pinterest.com, Dressedupgirl.com, Chictopia.com, Shopify.com



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