I’m Pear Shaped, What Kind Of Dresses Would Suit Me?

Our main goal at StyleCracker is to make sure everyone looks fantastic. We don’t live in a world where only celebrities get access to a personal stylist. The stylists at StyleCracker are here for any and every kind of style query you might have and we always have an answer to those “What to wear?” questions.

Most recently, this was thrown at us,

My body is pear shaped. So what kind of outfits, and specifically dresses would suit me?

Before we get into the deets, let’s understand the question properly, shall we? Pear shaped means your torso is quite narrow with wider hips, like a pear. And lets admit it, most of us are blessed with that ample bottom. But picking out clothes to flatter the body type can be a bit tricky. Of course we have a solution!

What To Look For When You’re Out Shopping

You’re going to be attracted to a lot of trends when you’re on the hunt for clothes. What you really need to keep your eyes open for are pieces that enhance your upper body. Look for things with a slightly lower neckline, as this will draw attention upwards. Finding tops or dresses with a wider, structured shoulder will balance out your figure.

These Dresses Will Suit You

Slip into a skater dress or an A-line dress. They have the power to instantly make your hips look slimmer and body look more proportionate. Additionally, layering your dress with a jacket or long-line waist coat will not only look fantastic on you, it’s super stylish too!

What To Avoid

Bodycon dresses, pencil skirts, low-waist jeans and waist belts may look super enticing, but staying away from them is key!

Other Points To Keep In Mind

Necklaces and big earrings will help direct attention upwards so keep your accessory game strong! If you’re into bright colours, wearing them on your upper body is a great idea; for your bottom, keep them on the darker side. High-waist trousers and wide-leg pants will look fantastic on a pear shaped body.

Another option, and we think it’s the simplest one, is to sign up for a StyleCracker Box. That way, a stylist gets assigned to you and picks out pieces strictly based on your body type. Find out more here.