In Focus: Ginil & Disha

SC talked to the talented and fun duo behind the newly launched stylishly vibrant label, Ginil & Disha, and here are all the deets on the brand’s newest collections!

SC – For our readers, please tell us a bit about yourselves.

Ginil- We are a couple, been married four years! Disha has studied fashion from BD Somani and has been working in this field for the past ten years with her father who runs an export house. I have made a career switch from a family owned business of manufacturing plastic consumables to fashion. I do not have a formal education in fashion, but am very passionate about the same. IMG_3755 DONE

SC – What is “Ginil & Disha” all about and how did it come into being?

Ginil & Disha- We are a womenswear brand focusing on making women look effortlessly chic and stylish. The best part about our brand is that we are not restricted to any particular age group, genre, style, colour theme etc. We create what we feel like, whenever we feel like. Ginil & Disha aims at being stylish and affordable.

With his business driven mind, Ginil manages all aspects of starting a new label, whereas I drive the designing. We take on separate roles but always talk through every detail and value each others opinion. We do vibe off each other when it comes to ideas and are constantly trying to do something out of the box.Mix N Match by Ginil&Disha-page-001

SC – If, in some Freaky Friday-like situation, you could live the life of another designer, for a day, who would it be, and why? 

Ginil: I would love to live the life of Renzo Rosso. He is a fashion entrepreneur I really look up to. From sewing a pair of jeans with his own hands to creating “Diesel” to managing his holding company OTB, he has an illustrious history. I love his approach to fashion; its fresh and unique.

“Smart sees what there is. Stupid sees what there could be” – Renzo Rosso

Disha: I would love to live the life of Manish Arora. As the saying goes, “Life is beautiful. In Arora’s world it is fun too.” I simply love his love for colour!

SC – What is the biggest challenge you have faced until now?

Disha: The biggest challenges are the same as any creative team that works together faces – “agreeing”. Also, knowing when to turn it off otherwise home becomes work, conversations turn into business. Its hard to switch off.

Street Style by Ginil&Disha-page-014

SC – Where can one buy your creations?

Ginil & Disha: We do various exhibitions across Mumbai, at-least once a month. Look out for Facebook updates and Instagram posts. We also entertain clients at our residence at Marine Drive.

SC – What is your new collection all about?

Ginil & Disha: This season we have three collections:

Golden Dreams: The essence of this collection is the exquisite Indian brocade, kimkhwab.look_1

Mix N Match: Our semi-formal collection, where we let the client choose their top & bottom as per their individual preferences and style.Look 2

Look 3
*Please Note – Bustier on the first outfit from right is sourced from Papa Don’t Preach.

Street Style: Our prêt line is all about our love for prints and colors.

The collections use minimalistic designs to achieve a traditional style with western influences. Confidence, sensuality, femininity and precise tailoring are embodied in our collection.