In Memoriam: Lauren Bacall’s Best Fashion Moments

The husky-voiced, sultry siren that was Lauren Bacall (aged 89) died in Manhattan on August 12th 2014 due to a stroke.

Bacall, who rose to stardom in the 1940s, was one of the more popular leading ladies during the Golden Age of Hollywood. She was married to Humphrey Bogart for twelve years, the last of his life.

Lauren was a style icon, with easy grace and class. She made every outfit she put on look effortlessly chic. She had one of the most distinctively husky voices in the entire film industry, which led her to gain a hugely seductive persona.

The fashion people simply loved her style! Click HERE to read a 1959 interview of Lauren’s from the Vogue Archives.

StyleCracker put together 10 Lauren Bacall photos that show her being her super-stylish self!



Lauren in her big break, To Have and Have Not.



To counter her nerves in her early years facing the camera, the young actress pulled her chin in towards her chest and looked through her eyelashes. This look became her signature seductive stance.



Lauren Bacall was 17 years old when she first joined the film industry.



She was 20 when she married Humphrey Bogart, 45 at the time.



They stayed married till Bogart’s death at the age of 57.



Lauren Bacall remains, to this day, one of the biggest style icons of all time. Her style will continue to inspire young fashionistas all over!


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