The Indian Born Influencer We’re Obsessed With RN

One look at Diipa Khosla’s Instagram feed and you’ll wonder what you’re doing with your life. At least I did. Born in India, the model/influencer shuttles between London and Amsterdam creating some fantastic content as she goes. I stumbled upon her page quite recently and I’ve got to say, her style has me hooked!

She has a knack for taking wardrobe staples and making them look like you’ve never thought they could. She looks great in a snow suit and don’t even get me started on her makeup and hair. Let’s just say Khosla ticks all the right boxes. So if you’re looking for a fresh way to wear your clothes, or just a new page to double tap on, make sure you scroll through…

Did you ever think of tucking your shirt tail into your pocket instead of the waistband?

She’s a belt fiend and finds a way to wear one with everything!

If you think about it, any outfit can be made to look off-shoulder

The best way to add colour to an all-black #ootd

I don’t know about you, but I can’t even with this one!

I can’t even: Pt 2

The girl knows how to strike the perfect balance with her silhouettes

And finally, if you stalk her as much as I have been, you’ll know that she’s getting married soon and is looking for an Indian designer to wear. I can’t wait to see how that turns out!