Instagram #trends we just don’t get

Ah, Instagram! The holy grail of social media – #selfie, #foodporn, just some of the many trends that make us want to get clicking. And then, there are those trends that we simply fail to understand. Read on, and let us know if you’ve been a victim to these weird, social forms of expression.

1. #Starbucks


We would love gain some closure on why this trend ever started – if there is one brand out there that doesn’t need a team of experts to market their brand, its Starbucks coffee!



Don’t get us wrong, we love our coffee, some of us at SC would even get melancholic without it, but to love it so much so as to click a selfie with it – may be not!

Love your coffee, drink it, and that’s all one should be doing with it.

2. #Airport


Vacations! Who wouldn’t love them? The exciting thrill that rushes in once we get to the airport, up until we reach our destination – those feelings are just butterflies of another kind.


But, excited enough to show us your passport and boarding pass – you’re probably trying to rub it in a bit too hard.

We’d love to grow some harmless envy and stare wishfully at your vacation shots, but not the passports, please.

3. #Contouring


As millennial’s we feel highly responsible for conceiving and coining the great ‘Selfie’ – but we’re just not able to get our heads around this unhealthy beauty image being swung around so much.



While Kim Kardashian may have started the contouring rage, make-up artists everywhere have hopped on that wagon a bit too aggressively. These before and after, imperfect to flawless transformations are making us wonder if some make-up skills are better left unseen.

4. #Gym (#gymlife, #fitspo, the works!)


Being healthy is in trend and we couldn’t be happier – we love looking at #fitspirations in our newsfeed that help us walk the other way whenever we see a Krispy Kreme. However, we’re getting really tired of gym selfies.


We’ll take an image of a healthy green smoothie any day over an image of someone sweaty and squatting. What’s that saying again about letting your hard work do the talking?

5. #Pout


With nearly 7,000,000 Instagram felons claiming their love for the kissy-face, we just can’t wait to be done with this trend already. Something’s are only adorable when babies do it. We rest our case.

Let us know what trends are making you squirm on social media – un-hatefully of course!