‘International star’, Priyanka Chopra’s every day workout and diet routine

And, it’s not what you think it is!

Being a ‘global’ sensation and a household name, you might think International star, Priyanka Chopra follows a strict diet and a horrid workout schedule. But, you’re in for a surprise!

Because just like us, she is fond of home-cooked food too!

PC isn’t the kinds to stress about weight and say no-no to food coming her way. In turn, she enjoys her home-cooked edibles the most! But just as she admits, her metabolism rate surely plays a luckiest part in her diet!

No strict diets, just fruits and veggies.

Because weight is not the only concern. If you look healthy on the outside, you need to be from the inside too! And, Ms. Chopra adheres to that by making sure her diet includes a lot of fruits and vegetables to help her with just the right amount of proteins and minerals!

How could she forget ounces of H20?

Every glowing skin’s secret- frequent gulps of water!

Completely stays away from oily food.

Despite being a foodie, she runs the other way when she’s faced with oily and deep-fried food. Difficult for the buds, but a simple way to maintain balance in your diet!

But but but, sweet delicacies have her heart.

She can stay away from oily and deep-fried food, but she simply can’t resist her sweet tooth cravings. This is the exact reason why she dwells right into chocolate and cake cravings over the weekend!

When it comes to her work out, she’s quite a pro.

Priyanka keeps it simple but most importantly, refrains from spending hours in the gym. Also, since she’s an avid yoga enthusiast, she practices yoga poses such as Half Lord of the Fishes Pose, Warrior Pose, and Tree Pose to improve her flexibility. While working out, her focus always remains on strength training than weight training.

Did you take notes for a Healthy 2017?


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