Iphone 7’s rumoured features spoke to their friends and here’s what they said..

They’re annoyed, irritated and sick of the speculations!

At 10:30 pm IST today, the new iPhone 7 is going to be revealed, and the rumored features are disturbed with all the attention! Just unfortunately, their folks sent them a message to get them super-excited and ended up bearing the brunt of their frustration! Browse through the hilarious conversations below:

1. Apparently, the new iPhone 7 would be completely water-proof.

1- Waterproof

REALLY lame.

2. And reveal a new colour, Piano Black.

2- Colours

Some lime and water for you buddy?

3. And come with an astounding storage capacity of 256 GB.

3- 256 GB

Okay bye.

4. And a screen with the true tone feature, enabling crystal-clear screen display!

4- Screen

Crystal ball for him, please.

5. Complete with an optical zoom, for the first time ever in an iPhone.

5- Optical zoom

Here, another eve teaser.

Amused? But if they come out to be true, prepare to be shocked. Let’s simply wait and watch!