Is It December Yet? We Bet You’ll Know One Of These Party Girls

Just checked the calendar and how rude is it that it’s still only November? Any way, look on the bright side – we have more time to prep for party month and God knows, we all need it, right? December comes with two solid reasons to party (Christmas and New Year’s Eve) and it’s dotted with all kinds of events, weddings, cocktails and other reasons to get out your best dresses and dance all night long.

Speaking of best dresses, we found three types from NIKA 1.0 that fit three kinds of personalities you always land up spotting at these parties. Keep scrolling and tell us if you’re one of these girls, or know any one who is!

The All-Black-Everything Party Girl

She’s always in black, but somehow she always manages to make it look trendy and cool. Off-shoulders seem like a trend that won’t go out of style any time soon so stocking up on all things shoulder-baring, like this dress seems like a fantastic idea – especially for date nights and some disco fun!

The Effortless Party Girl

She the girl who picks out the first thing she sees in her closet and somehow it looks fantastic on her. This embroidered top from NIKA 1.0 was meant to be a casual top, but how great does it look with heels and a pair of tiny shorts? The colour makes it a hot contender for Christmas, don’t you think?

The All-Out Party Girl

She has the perfect dress for any party. She’s generally the only person you want to be around in the room. Oh and obviously, bling is her favourite colour! This number with it’s low-back is a sure-shot winner for the season.

So tell us, are any of these you? Loving the dresses? Follow NIKA 1.0 on Instagram to stay updated with their new launches.

PS: They offer a shop at home service where you can literally shop from your couch – without moving an inch. It’s the best way to do it, we feel!