It’s Time To Give Your Basic Shirt A Much Needed Upgrade

It’s true, your crisp white shirt will always be stylish. It’s neat, it can be worn in many ways and with multiple things and even though it’s a simple staple in everyone’s wardrobe, it still brings out all kinds of personalities. That being said, it’s ok (and advisable) to mix it up every now and then. Which is where OTF comes in. Only The Family, or OTF was founded by By Shivani Jhunjhunwala and aims at elevating your everyday wear. And as it turns out, they love shirts too – OTF style of course!

Here are a few we can’t wait to add to our wardrobes:

1. Hundreds of tiny French knots and zari details make their ‘Over The Moon’ shirt one of our favourites. We’re suckers for a little bling-bling.

2. The ‘King and Queen’ shirt dress is super versatile. Wear it as a dress, layer it over a tank and jeans, belt it, add a jacket – the options are endless!

3. ‘Burning the Midnight Oil’ is a cropped shirt that’s ideal for a night out on the town, especially when you want to keep it formal but ‘cool’ at the same time!

4. A little goth touch to your shirt is always welcome. How cool is their ‘Hand me a Rose’ number?

5. And finally this ’70s inspired polka dotted number is giving us all the feels! Scroll to see what they’ve added to the back…

Now tell us, will you be able to go back to those basic white shirts?

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