Kendall Jenner On Our Style Watch!

Kendall Jenner has been in the spotlight all her life, putting her best foot forward on the red carpets world over since the age of 5! But she is no longer the awkward, long-limbed adolescent that we saw on Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2007.

Kim’s adorable little sister has grown into a beautiful young woman who’s a fashion correspondent for Seventeen Magazine and now walks the ramp for prestigious fashion giants all over the world.

SC tracked Kendall’s style evolution through the last 7 years and you’ll be surprised at how much she has come into her own!

In 2008, Kendall was 13 years old, and dressed like an annoying disney channel heroine – all bright pinks and purples! But she managed to look cute, nonetheless. 


 In 2009, Kendall’s style changed slightly and she was devoted to what we fondly call “The-Old-Miley-Country-Girl-Style”, with focus on cute, flirty dresses and boots to go with them.



2010 saw her fashion sense gradually morph into a more tasteful, yet girly style. 



As we moved into 2011, Kendall’s sartorial choices steadily earned her praising nods from the fashion fraternity but they were safe bets still, nothing exciting or adventurous.

20112011 (1)

By the time 2012 rolled in, Kendall was sporting the signature Kardashian look – all long wavy hair, and short figure-hugging dresses.

20122012 1

In 2013, Kendall had started developing her own individual sense of style, favouring leather skirts and pants. The girl unwaveringly believed – shorter, tighter the dress, the better it is! 



2013 1


This year the stunner finally fully grew into her own style – which is more comfortably chic than pretty dresses – and now has a huge band of admirers and followers who track all her awesome streetstyle choices!







Her red carpet looks have also grown much more bolder and the fashion crowd applauds it! She caused quite a stir when she attended an awards function wearing a gown that showed off her super sculpted hip bones!



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