Khyati Sanghvi Will Be At The SC Borough!

We are super excited for the 4th SC Borough to happen on 15th November, and waiting doesn’t feel so painfully long when we’re talking to the designers on board with us! SC chatted with Reboot’s Khyati Sanghvi and she gave us some pretty interesting insights into her work… among other stuff.

And here’s the kick – we asked her 13 questions, because it’s 13 days exactly till the Borough is here!

What was your inspiration behind this collection?

Khyati: The ideas of easy dressing keeping a playful woman in mind. Clothes you can wear from AM to PM.

What is the best advice you ever received in terms style and fashion, and by whom?

Khyati: This quote I had read a while back by Oscar de la Renta – Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.

How would you define style? If your brand was a person, what would her/his style be like?

Khyati: Comfort is stylish. When a person is not comfortable in the clothes they’re wearing, it reflects on their personality, no matter how fab the clothes are. Be comfortable, be stylish.

How has the age of e-commerce influenced your work?

Khyati: E-commerce has definitely helped in having easier access to amazing fashion. I like to absorb all that I see. Thanks to the amazing blogs online I get easy access to inspirations like Mario Testino.

What is the colour palette of the season?

Khyati: Intense tones and stronger color bursts.

This season’s Buy, Store & Throw, according to you.

Khyati: Buy skirts, store crop tops and throw peplum tops!

3 things you are completely obsessed with.

Khyati: Bags, Rings and Watches.

Among the current talent, what labels would we find in your wardrobe?

Khyati: Ragini Ahuja

If the world is ending tomorrow, what would you wear to the doomsday party tonight?

Khyati: My minion pajamas and oversized t-shirt. If I’m dying the next day, I better die in comfort.

Who’s your current celebrity crush?

Khyati: Sonam Kapoor, and she’s been for a while for her amazing sense of fashion.

If you could choose 1 Bollywood celebrity and 1 international celebrity to represent your brand… who would they be?

Khyati: Bollywood – Alia Bhatt

Hollywood – Leighton Meester

Your one guilty pleasure?

Khyati: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Yumm.

1 fashion myth that you want to bust?

Khyati: That you can’t rock denims over denims. I think it looks fabulous if done right.

Reboot by Khyati Sanghvi, to be launched at the SC Borough, features feminine floral skirts, matching crop top – skirt separates, and kaleidoscopic digital prints among other equally chic designs. Here’s a few of the pieces that we liked best! [1600x1200] [1600x1200] [1600x1200]