KICHU at the SC Pod


Kichu Dandiya takes as minimalistic an approach with words as she does with her designs. The young jewelry designer keeps it simple and straight as she talks to us about her earthy, urbane collection, on display at the SC Pod at Olive Bar & Kitchen for one last day.

SC – What is the inspiration behind your range?
Kichu – I’m inspired by all things minimal, urban mashed up with a dash of organic.

SC – How would you describe your own style?
Kichu – Comfortable.

SC – Three celebrities you would love to see wearing Kichu?
Kichu – M.I.A, Yolandi Visser and Thom Yorke.

SC – How would you describe Kichu, the brand as a person?
Kichu – Kichu as a person would be confident, well travelled and highly appreciative of art and culture. Kichu would find simplicity even in the most complex of things.

SC – How do you see yourself five years down the line?
Kichu – Ruling!



Kichu’s bold and edgy statement jewelry will be at StyleCracker’s daily pop up, the SC Pod, for just today and tomorrow. Make sure you go check it out before they wrap it all up! The SC Pod is open from Noon to Midnight everyday at Olive Bar & Kitchen, Mahalaxmi Race Course.