Kim Kardashian’s Beauty Line Launches Today & Here’s What To Expect

At the StyleCracker office, we’re not ashamed to admit that we regularly keep up with the Kardashians. When Kylie first announced her lipkits, of course some of us bought them as soon as they launched. So now when Kim is about to drop her own line of makeup, it’s safe to say that we’re more than ready for it!

Kylie Jenner is to lipsticks what Kim Kardashian is to contour. So it’s quite obvious that Kim’s first makeup line is launching today with a crème contour and highlight kit. For years now, Kim has championed that pristine contoured face. Always bronzed and glowing in the right spots, her beauty looks have been recreated by millions across the world. So when she gives everyone a way to get the look, as easy as drawing on your face, how can you not be excited?

Here’s what it looks like,

Each kit comes with a dual end contour stick and a highlighter as well as a dual ended applicator with a blending brush and sponge. Clearly she thought of everything!

Of course they cater to every kind of skin tone, here’s a peek at what the contour shades look like. They come in light, medium, dark and deep dark.

And as for the buttery and glowy highlight, one stick has both matte and shimmer to use according to what you need that day.

The man who introduced her to contour, Mario Dedivanovic was on glam squad duty for the campaign.

The kits launch tonight on and are selling for $48 a pop which is approximately Rs 3,100. Not a heavy price to pay for a face that looks like Kim Kardashian West’s, wouldn’t you agree?