Know Which Hairstyles Suit You Best

SC tells you which hairstyle would work best for you, keeping in mind the shape of your face. 

If you have a round face, go for longer hairstyles with gentle waves. Ideally the tips of your hair should reach a few inches below the chin or longer. Very short hairstyles will create layers around the face, making it appear even rounder. The trick to elongating the face is long, side-swept bangs! 



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If you have a square face, be thankful for your strong, angular jawline! You can rock really long locks like no other. You can also wear a long bob, as long as the bob is softly layered. If you want to pull up your hair in a ponytail or bun, leave a few wisps of hair down the side to soften the angles of your face. 



"A Dangerous Method" Premiere - 2011 Toronto International Film Festival

If you have an oblong face, you can try the trendy bob and pull it off perfectly. Avoid poker straight hair, as they’ll just make the face appear longer. It’s advisable to add some waves or curls around the face. Go for any kind of bangs if you have naturally straight hair, as bangs will provide more width and shorten the face. 




If you have a heart shaped face, get a hairstyle that ends some inches below your pointy little chin, just grazing the collarbone. Hair that fall into soft curls towards the tips work best for heart shaped faces. 





If you are oval-faced, congratulations! Any and all kinds of hairstyles will suit your face. You can pull off the quirkiest of styles, and the most insane hair experiments. Chances are, you’ll look effortlessly gorgeous whatever you do.