Know Your Brand: BeBajrang

Boys, here’s your chance to add an element of style to your look. BeBajrang is an unconventional new product line that defines a new age men’s accessories line. Check out our interview with BeBajrang.

StyleCracker: What is BeBajrang all about? Share something about the brand.
BeBajrang revolutionizes every millennial man’s dress code. Thanks to the GQs and Instagrams of the world, who showed our generation how to style smart. But with absolutely just a handful of brands to bank on, where was one to get his personal style statement? Thus, came the idea behind BeBajrang! An all new, unparalleled new age men’s accessories line, BeBajrang is all about power to the user. It’s the accent that makes you the most stylish version of who you are. We say, why be mediocre when you have your own statement? Why move with the crowd when you can stand out and move the crowd! Why be ordinary when you can be ‘Bajrang’? We create accessories not just for a party, but also for every occasion. We know how important it is for every man to find the right amount of charm to get him the right kind of attention. That’s not it; we also show you how to style it right.

SC: What is BeBajrang’s collection inspired by?
BB: Our collection is all about power to the user. We want men to stand out and let the way they accessorize speak for itself. So we take natural and genuine materials and turn them into a fashion statement. We are inspired by bold global sensibilities.

SC: Where do you aspire to see the brand five years down the line?
We are just six-months-old! BeBajrang is looking to enter the Indian market with a focus to revolutionize the accessory space with bracelets as it core product. We want people to adopt the concept of a strong wrist game and build on their everyday fashion sensibilities. It is also our vision to make our presence felt through retail outlets in three to four cities in the next five years and promote the ‘BeBajrangBeBold’ attitude through face-to-face interactions.

SC: What was the idea behind BeBajrang?
Name is the most important part of any brand, so we wanted to come up with something that screamed courage, strength and being bold. With accessories playing second fiddle for many Indian consumers we wanted to make sure that we change that notion with a strong name and a strong product line. Historically speaking ‘Bajrang’ is recognized for having all the qualities a Bajrang man should have so it was a perfect match.

SC: What is your next collection inspired by?
BB: We are staying true to what the customers want globally and pushing our boundaries by entering into a more geometric space.

SC: Is BeBajrang looking to expand in terms of their accessory collection?
Yes, we have already launched with neck chains and pendants. There are also a couple of interesting and new products we are working on, which will be launched early summer.

SC: Which store are you stocked at?
Bombay Shirt Company

SC: What is the starting price range for the products?
Rs 1,399 onwards.

SC: Do you have a separate collection for Valentine’s Day?
: Yes, we introduced a handful of Valentine Bracelets.

Here are our picks from their recent collection:

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