Know Your Stylist: Prachiti’s Bucketlist

SC stylist Prachiti Parakh is a dreamer, an incurable optimist and a romantic at heart! Her signature style can be defined as “edgy meets understated glam”. She loves animals, all things Hello Kitty and Harry Potter, and gets overexcited just talking about her favorite sweets. We give you all the inside deets on your favorite stylist – Prachiti’s Bucketlist!

1. Adopt at least two furry loves! Prachiti’s undying love for cats and dogs is a major part of her charming personality.


2. Hot air balloon rides in Turkey. Nothing thrills our girl more than a scenic view taken in from a great height!


3. Set foot on all the Continents. The avid traveler that she is, it’s Prachiti’s dream to roam around the beautiful world. All we can say to that is “Don’t forget your parkas when you land on Antarctica!”


4. Learn to cook like a pro. Being a perfectionist in her work, it’s only natural that Prachiti wants to cook like a pro… and we have little doubt that she can!

cook like a pro

5. Dinner at Le Jules Verne. Didn’t we not tell you Prachiti’s a romantic? Why else would having dinner on the second floor restaurant at Eiffel Tower be on her list!

dinner at le

6. Go scuba diving!

go scuba diving

7. Lady Dior. Enough Said.

lady dior

8. Pet a Panda! Knowing her, she might try to sneak a baby panda back home if the authorities aren’t paying attention!

pat an apnda

9. Sundaes at Serendipity 3 in New York City is another one of Prachiti’s absolute “must-do’s”.


10. Win herself The One by Harry Winston. Because diamonds are always a stylish girl’s best friend!

win myself

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