Korean Beauty Regimes You Need In Your Life Right Now

Text: Aditi Shah

Let’s admit it, we have all admired the flawless and radiant skin that almost all Korean women seem to be blessed with. Are they born with it or is it their extremely efficient and fool-proof skincare routine?

While we read, time and time again, to not go to bed with our makeup on or to be sure to moisturize, the Koreans taught their daughters the importance of looking after and hydrating their skin for the best possible results when they’re older. What may seem like a painstakingly detailed and time consuming bedtime cleansing and prepping routine to us, is only natural to them… and we can’t deny it – it works!

We’re letting you in on their secrets, and you’re guaranteed to love us for it.

Day time

The 10-Second Rule

So simple, so important. Your toner, or your moisturiser needs to be applied as quickly, post shower, as humanly possible. We suggest you keep your toner in the shower with you, so once you’ve patted your face dry you can instantly dab away. The moisture is locked in at least 20x better when you apply your products immediately after your shower, and hence keeping your skin sufficiently hydrated, for longer.

Rain Or Shine

This is one of those things we definitely take for granted, I know that I do. It is essential to use sunblock, every single day, come rain or shine. There is absolutely no alternative to this one.

Pack It Up

Two or threee times a week, opt for a face mask. The more natural the products, the better. Massage your face and then either apply a pack or get sheet masks that work wonders on your face.

Diet Fixes

Take your water intake and double it. The more you drink the more your skin glows. Also, try to add ginseng to your diet – maybe try some ginseng tea? It is a huge player in the Korean skin care as it detoxes your skin and eliminates all forms of pollutants.



Bed Time

Double Cleanse


If you’ve ever read anything about Korean skincare, you’re sure to have heard of their famous double cleansing method.

Step one: Pre-cleanse

Take off all your makeup and any traces of oil from your face using a liquid cleanser. Follow up by using an oil based cleanser to kill any bacteria, sebum and all other possible impurities. Once done, wash your face with lukewarm water.

Step two: Re-cleanse

Now use a mild foaming face wash to complete this process. Be sure to not rub it on your face, instead massage your face and work up a lather using soft circular motions. Not only will this help increase blood circulation in your face but will also leave you feel super fresh.


Do not forget to exfoliate, no matter how lazy you feel. It is the only way to ensure you’ve scrubbed off all the impurities and unclogged your pores after a long day around dust and pollution. Once again, don’t be too hard and focus primarily on problem areas like your forehead and nose.


Koreans swear by their toners and now, so do we. Apply a light cleansing toner all over your face – it will further cleanse and then shrink your pores, and prepare your skin for what’s coming up next.

Top secret: Rice water is one of the best forms of toner. Use the milky water to tone and instantly moisturize your face, sans all chemicals.



Use a hydrating mist spray or what the Koreans call essence and go crazy spraying your face. This helps further hydrate your skin and also lock in all the existing moisture. Besides, it feels pretty darn great.


Finally, use a light moisturiser to seal the deal. Once again, don’t rub it in. The key is soft, circular motions. Really give your face a nice, soothing massage and help get all that blooding flowing right.

Don’t forget your eyes

Start early and you will never have to worry about dark circles, wrinkles or puffiness around your eyes. Every night dab on (yes, dab this time, do not rub), some eye cream all around your eyes. Hydration is the key to sparkly eyes and no bags all year round.




Image Courtesy: skinmatter.com.ph, herworldplus.com, lifehack.com, thrivemarket.com, jmecc.com