Label to Love: Boriya Basta

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LABEL NAME: Boriya Basta (

OWNERS: Deepika Nigam and Surbhi Jain, Chief Designers and co-founders


SC: What brought the two of you together?

Surbhi: “Our mutual love for Indian handicrafts and the zeal for taking them global by adding a contemporary edge. We share a vision of opening new fields of growth and developing a market for every single craftsman.”

Deepika: “The dire need to bring to light, elevate and stylise the lesser-known handicraft of ‘kilim’ weaving.”

SC: You adore everything handwoven, don’t you?

Surbhi: “Yes, everything handwoven & handcrafted. They don’t come out of a revolutionised industry but from the many homes of our country’s craftsmen. Every handicraft sings a story of India’s inherited culture and skills!”

Deepika: “Undoubtedly yes. Handwoven fabrics instill a sense of perfection and bring out the love they’re made with.”

SC: Do your consumers allow a space to experiment?

Surbhi: “We’ve been experimenting with materials and have been receiving superlative responses along with acceptance.”

Deepika: “Our consumers have been warm and loving towards us. In fact, the element of experimentation strengthens their affinity and demand towards our product.”

SC: Three fashion trends that are going to be a hit this year?

Surbhi: “Handlooms, anything handcrafted and bohemian/nomadic elements.”

Deepika: “Boho-chic, overalls, tie and dye and clamp-dyed prints.”

SC: Was the aesthetic ‘bohemian and ethno’ intuitive or planned?

Surbhi: “Initially, it was the intuition of moving along with our passion- bohemian ‘kilim’. But as we received great feedback, we decided to explore new laterals.”

Deepika: “Its been a combination of both- our initial stages consisted of planning, market research and our gut feelings.” 

SC: “Design and witty concepts”. How do you embrace the element of wit?

Surbhi: “Being witty is a quality that reflects in the choices of our consumers. Quite often, they end up choosing pairs of footwear unidentical to each other- only to grab the attention of people around them.”

Deepika: “Not too long ago, ‘witty concepts’ were conceived for our line of digital cushion covers. But as things progressed, we started to utilise the concept for our kilim ballerinas by keeping the two feet different in one single pair.”

SC: Pick one- traditionally Indian or contemporary footwear?

Surbhi: “Traditionally Indian.”

Deepika: “Traditionally Indian.”

SC: Your dream textiles to work with?

Surbhi: “I’d love to explore ‘kalamkari’.”

Deepika: “The clamp-resist dyeing technique on organic jute fabrics.”

SC: What are the various product categories you cater to?

Boriya Basta: “Footwear, bags, cushion covers, keychains, stoles, et cetera. We are also working on a new collection of apparel and bohemian jewellery.”

SC: Your favourites from your recent collection?

Surbhi: “The big duffel bag and the round bag.”

Deepika: “The Kolhapuri chappals and the round bag.”