Label to Love: Mogra

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LABEL NAME: Mogra Designs (

OWNER: Sheena Roy, Founder and Director


StyleCracker: What inspired ‘Mogra Designs’?

Sheena Roy: “Post my graduation, I moved to New York to intern with celebrity designer, Asher Levine and returned with a fresh perspective towards design. While influences from the East are prominent in western couture and street style, they lack character and stories in our own country. There are multiple designers crafting beautiful Indian pieces using traditional textiles but only a few are locally sourced, handcrafted or utilise traditional fabrics and techniques for western wear. As someone who isn’t instinctively drawn towards ethnic wear for everyday choices, I was baffled at the short supply. This newfound appreciation for Indian crafts and a vision to create one-of-a-kind pieces with strong cultural influences led to the birth of Mogra in June 2014.”

SC: What’s the USP of your brand?

SR: “Our modern silhouettes set us apart! Mogra offers everyday clothing and contemporary designs that contrast traditional textiles. We cater to a global market that fancies Indian handicrafts in their daily wardrobe without wearing a saree or salwar suit.”

SC: One style you’re excited about experimenting with this year?

SR: “Up-cycling and re-purposing tribal handmade costumes we’ve sourced from a few local nomadic women.”

SC: That one moment in your journey you’d cherish forever?

SR: “Watching our products travel across the world! From India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Korea, USA, UK, France, Italy, Greece, Australia to even Brazil- our customers have made Mogra a global brand.”

SC: Which celebrity/fashion blogger wears Mogra the best?

SR: “Karuna Ezara Parikh! She has inspired us since the beginning of time and even shares our vision for sustainable fashion. She’s our ‘muse’ and an integral part of our vision for Mogra.”

SC: Fashion in three words?

SR: “Responsible, diverse and powerful.”

SC: Your personal style?

SR: “I’m all for comfort. Though my design aesthetic is fun and vibrant, I personally prefer neutrals. Easy, relaxed silhouettes while working and wrap and kimono dresses for a night out.”

SC: One fashion advice for all our readers?

SR: “Buy less, choose well & make it last! Eye responsible choices in tandem with your aesthetic and opt for sustainable fashion that’s ethical and aware.”