Label to Love: Parvati Villa

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LABEL NAME: Parvati Villa (

OWNERS: Ileshaa Khatau, Creative Head and Founder.


StyleCracker: Tell us a little bit about Parvati Villa. When and how did the label come about?

Parvati Villa: I started Parvati Villa two years ago with an accessory obsession and desire to create a brand that was multifaceted.

SC: What’s the significance behind the name?

PV: Parvati is a devi with ten avatars – she’s a wife and mother while being a fearless warrior, she’s peaceful and meditative while having the potential to be dark and wrathful. She moves deftly from one personality and role to the next. And don’t we have to do that today? That’s where the name comes from – a desire to celebrate the modern Indian devi – a brand with garments and accessories to suit her every mood and whim.

SC: What materials and techniques do you use to craft your designs?

PV: Every product line and collection start with a blank slate. Most times – I look for inspiration and focus on finding what I love basis the places I’ve been to. For example, for our latest line of malas – all materials have been sourced from Vrindavan and Mathura because that’s where you get the most genuine tulsi beads. For our new range of kaftans, all the materials are hand dyed and blocked in a village I had the pleasure to visit in Kutch.

SC: Who is the ultimate Bollywood style icon for you?0

PV: Rekha. She’s just so fabulously consistent with her sartorial choices – and that shows that she really loves what she wears. It’s not about trends, but a true reflection of her voice, philosophy and personality.

SC: Tell us a little bit about the latest mood board.

PV: I just visited Kutch this December – so everything desert! The white of the Rann, the mirrors on the walls, the bandhani odhnas, the kilos of silver and gold worn by the tribes, the pink of the flamingos, the aridness of the earth. It’s such an explosion of textures.

SC: Which piece from your collection do you recommend every fashionista should own? Why?

PV: Our signature ‘shakti’ necklace. Shakti is the divine feminine – the creative force that breathes beauty into life. Wearing our bracelet on your wrist or the necklace on your neck every day, serves as a beautiful reminder of the Shakti you embody in all your smallest actions and your highest achievements.

SC: Which jewellery designer do you look up to?

PV: Eina Ahluwalia. The thoughts and sentiments that she puts into each design are inspiring. Her jewellery is made to mean something – and to me, that makes its value and wearability infinitely more.

SC: Which are your favourite trends for jewellery this season?

PV: My choices always follow the trends in my own life! Right now, I’m lusting over all types of malas. They’re versatile, light and relaxed. You can pair them with kaftans and languid silhouettes, for a breezy summer look and feel. And if you’re into any kind of meditation, they serve a Shanti spiritual purpose too.

SC: Tell us a little bit about how you feel your designs empower women? What is the connection with goddesses?

PV: Parvati Villa is designed and curated to resonate with the fabulous variety of roles women embody – be it as a devoted mother, independent entrepreneur or wander lusting soul. That’s the connection with goddesses – to remind ourselves that that’s just what we are.

SC: What styling pointers would you give our readers to wear your designs?

PV: Make them your own! Our brand is all about shape-shifting from one avatar to the other. So if you bought a pair of open back juttis – depending on your mood, you can wear them with crop shorts and a white tee or a khadi sari.