Label to Love: Raiman

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LABEL NAME: Raiman (

OWNER: Raiman Sethi, Creative Director


SC: Tell us a little bit about what ‘Raiman’ the label stands for.

Raiman Sethi: “The label gets its name from my first name- Raiman, which means ‘to call your heart’. Hence, it focuses on the love and passion for Indian textiles.”

SC: Innumerable brands give hand-crafted Indian textiles that much-needed global twist. What sets Raiman apart in this league?

RS: “We’re different in the way we fuse Indian textiles with the trends of today. Putting left-overs and knick-knacks together makes our products look detailed and unique, besides helping us utilise our raw materials to the best of our abilities.”

SC: Where do you find inspiration?

RS: “All kinds of natural surroundings, capturing even the tiniest of details.”

SC: Your favourite memory through your design journey till now?

RS: “Being awarded for the ‘Best Design Collection’ for my Graduation Project would be a memory I’d carry throughout my life.”

SC: What’s your aesthetic?

RS: “Vintage boho!”

SC: Prints or colour?

RS: “I love working with colour.”

SC: Describe Raiman’s woman of 2016.

RS: “Raiman’s woman is independent and sees life as a wonderful adventure. We make soft, vibrant and feminine designs, focusing on a clientele that adores Indian textiles and embraces chic, yet timeless fashion.”

SC: The strongest Spring/Summer trend this season?

RS: “Easy-breezy silhouettes!”

SC: What are some of the most experimental techniques with fabrics you’ve used so far? 

RS: “We use mulmul (fine muslin) and organic fabrics like Khadi and Chanderi. In addition, we love working with traditional block-print clusters in Rajasthan and use vegetable and mineral dyes for our textiles. We also incorporate techniques like resist-dyeing and resist-printing, which is further-on adorned with soft and delicate hand embroidery.”