Label to Love: House of Sōhn

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LABEL NAME: House of Sōhn (

OWNERS: Sohni Patel, Creative Head and Founder.


StyleCracker: What inspired you to launch your label?
House of Sōhn: We wanted to tell stories with our clothes – about women, travels, and the various issues of today that are important to us. The story is told in the way the fabrics, silhouettes and finally the photo-shoots come together.

SC: How has your brand evolved?
HOS: From learning more about our clientele and their relationship with style to aligning ourselves with stores and events that really get what we’re about, we’re building a tribe.

SC: Tell us a little about your current collection.
HOS: We tell a story through the use of mixed media prints that incorporate actual nature photography from a woman’s travels around the world as she captures her most intimate experiences. It’s a collection about femininity, independence and nostalgia.

SC: What’s your next collection inspired by?
HOS: Some of my favourite artists including Amrita Shergil, Salvador Dali, and Diego Rivera. I want to take some of their most significant work and rework it using fabric as the medium this time; creating the same mood and using that same original expression, but with a minimal design aesthetic.

SC: Which Bollywood celebrity wears House of Sōhn outfit the best?
HOS: Monica Dogra. Her work exudes a type of creative process that we admire.

SC: What’s your personal favourite trend?
HOS: White on white.

SC: Who is your favourite designer? Indian and international. Why?
HOS: Alexander McQueen for his ability to create a world with his designs and lure people into; Balenciaga for just killing the couture game and embodying the word “timeless.” And Rahul Mishra for the way he knows and loves the craft.

SC: Is House of Sōhn stocked at any store or on online shopping portals? If yes, name a few.
HOS: Bombay Attic, Anonym,, to name a few. And soon to be up on Pernia’s Pop Up Shop.