Label to Know: Koasheé

Brain child of designer Shubitaa Bothra, Koasheé is a perfect blend of traditional and modern styles. Curated to restore our dying heritage, she designs for the free flowing, independent and stylish 21st century women.

StyleCracker brings to you to a fun interview with her!

SC: What inspired you to start your label Koasheé? 

Koasheé: When I started travelling for shows (TexWorld) to New York, I was amazed at the response we got for our hand-printed fabrics. That is where I started my journey of curating a label that brought the best of both worlds together, Indian prints and western silhouettes.

SC: Is there a story behind the name?
 ‘Kosh’ means ‘treasure box’ in Hindi, so I tinkered with the spelling to make it sound French. We use age-old techniques to print our fabrics, so you can call it as treasure box of prints

SC: What’s unique about your brand?
Koasheé: All fabrics are hand-printed using block or screen printing. We use eco-friendly colours to print the fabrics. Also the fabrics are cotton, wrinkle crepe and silk, which are skin-friendly. Koasheé can be worn for any occasion, day or night.

SC: What inspired your collection ‘Au Courant’?
 As a child I was always inclined towards textile. I would visit my father’s textile factory on regular basis and that’s when I knew i would be getting into garments.

SC: Where do you get your print inspiration from?
Artwork that we see in the monuments, palaces and temples in India.

SC: If you could dress one celebrity up in your latest collection who would she be?
Koasheé: NargisFakhri, Natalie Portman

SC: How do you bridge the gap between traditional and modern textiles?
Koasheé: We use traditional prints and incorporate English colours.

SC:    How has studying at Parsons affected your aesthetic?
It’s taught me to have an unbiased opinion for any form of art. I started with a few pieces a month and now I’m manufacturing in bulk. Basically I paid attention to the smallest of details which finally led to a bigger production cycle. As we all know in college the professors demand for accuracy.

SC:  Give us three quick tips on selecting the right accessory for your collection?
Complete the Koasheé collection with a trendy sling bag ,string of pearls and pumps or  flats

SC: Any advice for young aspiring fashion designers?
Koasheé: Hold on to your roots, it’ll l take you a long way and stay focused.




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