Label to Love: Banwarey

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LABEL NAME: Banwarey (

OWNERS: Apurva Nayal, Ajay Singh Rawat, Shruti Joshi, Shrishti Jain, Co-founders

SC: What brought about the name ‘Banwarey’?

Banwarey: “We started as a pop-up during our final year exams. People thought we were crazy to shift from fine arts to the world of design and fashion. We were nevertheless enjoying all the madness, and hence named the brand ‘Banwarey’.”

SC: Did you always want to be a designer?

BR: “We came together as friends and discovered similar interests. As a team, we participated in a Street Art Festival at Tihar Jail in New Delhi and got one of our creations published in a daily. That was the push! Shuttling between exams and our passion then just happened organically- we wanted to do what we loved and were confident about doing it well.”

SC: What are the trials and errors you’ve made with the brand?

BR: “In terms of channelizing, directing our efforts and focusing on the product line. Over a period of time, we’re now much more coordinated and confident about the products we are coming up with. But yes, we do believe that there’s yet a long way to go and a lot more to learn. Secondly, the aspect of utilizing each team member’s opinion through the design process.”

SC: Tell us a bit about the woman you’re portraying through Banwarey.

BR: “The 21st century woman portrays Banwarey in her own eccentric way. She’s free-spirited, mad and without any inhibitions- she knows what she wants and strives to get it.”

SC: What’s that one fashion possession you’ll never throw away?

BR: “A few heirloom jewellery pieces from amma (grandmother).”

SC: “Crafting madness into threads of India”- How do you bring about this madness?

BR: “Our spontaneous nature brings about this madness and eventually lends to our creations a quintessential ‘banwarey’ feel. We want to experiment and conceive products that express our unconventional outlook towards designing.”

SC: What inspired your latest collection? 

BR: “Solid colors dominated by fresh summer hues. Floating, relaxed silhouettes with free-flowing designs- our latest collection’s woman is unrestricted and on the loose.”

SC: What was that last experiment you did with your creations?

BR: “We tried our hand at the dip-dye ombre technique combined with playful indigo prints.”

SC: What inspires your designs?

BR: “Indian traditions and artistry – we love experimenting with colours and forms.”

SC: Your look books feature real women and real bodies.

BR: “Before a collection is unveiled, we share samples with ‘real’ women, for them to wear our creations and give us feedback. If we hire professional models for our shoots, the brand’s most important aspect wouldn’t come through. We want our raw approach towards designing to reflect in our lookbooks.”