Label to Love: Jodi

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OWNERS: Gauri Verma, Karuna Laungani, Co-founders


SC: What sparked the thought of coming together to create ‘Jodi’?

Karuna Laungani: “It happened quite organically- we realised a need gap for cool, affordable clothing that embraced Indian crafts. Quite a few high-street brands and designer labels sold impeccable clothing but at a much higher price.”

Gauri Verma: “Karuna and I connected over a certain aesthetic and product-type that wasn’t available in the market. We took our love for crafts forward in a language we thought was global and eclectic- ‘high street with a heart’.”

SC: What’s the ‘Jodi Life’ about?

KL: “The brand was born out of our shared love for craft, culture, fashion, and travel. We wanted give a new lease of life to local-craft techniques, by working with 100% natural Indian textiles and combining them with artisanal processes of hand-block printing. This is exactly what makes JODI!”

GV: “Its our way of showcasing a lifestyle aesthetic- we wanted every product to possess an artisanal value. Buyers of today opt for value over quantity, and we at Jodi, cater to exactly that. Every creation has function, culture and quality associated with it.”

SC: How have your designs evolved since you started the label?

KL: “We’ve made mistakes and grown out of them. Our quality of products now is way superior and we utilise better fabrics. Our prints are more unique and creations even more.”

GV: “Our greatest growth has been in terms of fabrics and finishes. We’ve grown with every collection and its the most satisfying feeling.”

SC: What inspired your new collection?

KL & GV: “Colourful, eclectic and unabashedly-retro, our new collection reimagines the seventies with the freshness of this decade. It is heavily influenced by art and graphic design and possesses bold patterns and contrasts. The inspirations in particular are many- from Ashley Goldberg’s prints, vegetable gardens to beetroots and hornbills in medicine pinks and cerulean blues.”

SC: Your prints and embroideries bring a great energy to the brand, tell us a bit about them!

KL: “We are a print-based label and adore colours. We love our mini-collections based on prints inspired by nature and even animals. Pineapples, fox, bougainvilleas- we utilise motifs and patterns that are not usually synonymous with hand-block printing.”

GV: “Karuna and me, both love prints and colour. We make our stories more relevant to the culture today. Natural motifs and biology- a lot of our inspirations lie there.”

SC: You both enjoy the feeling of travel! Did your last trip together shape your creations in any way?

KL: “Travel keeps us going and forms the ethos of our brand- there’s nothing more exciting than being in a new land and discovering new cultures. We travelled to Bhutan just recently. Its beautiful landscapes, the art-work and the monasteries were so inspiring. Expect them in our next collection!”

GV: “Yes, our recent travel to Bhutan gave us a lot of inspiration for our next collection.”

SC: Personally, any types of clothing you absolutely hate?

KL: “As long as it suits my body-type and personality, I wear everything!”

GV: “I don’t hate anything in particular. Though, shape-less pieces don’t flatter me good.”

SC: Jodi is all about fun and frolic, does that translate into your personal life too or are you the right contrary?

KL: “Oh yeah, we’re a real happy bunch and that translates into our clothing well.”

GV: “Karuna and I are the most cheerful people! For us, its all about work hard and laugh hard!”

SC: Any rules Jodi lives by?

KL: “We believe in creating products that we genuinely love- we make nothing for the sake of selling. Its very important for us to stay true to this aesthetic.”

GV: “We believe in love- in loving what we do, our workspace, the team, the creative process, our personal lives, our friendships- just about everything!”

SC: Any aims for your label before the end of 2016?

KL: “The list is endless. We aim at launching our shoes, kids, mens and home lines before the end of 2016.”

GV: “JODIhome, JODIpetitie (kids), JODIman, JODIprint (stationary)!”