Label to Love: JuttiChoo

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LABEL NAME: JuttiChoo (

OWNERS: Amreen Kaur, Sushant Sood, Co-founders


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SC: Why the name ‘Jutti Choo’?

Jutti Choo: “According to a Punjabi proverb- a jutti (a type of footwear common in North India) makes the sound ‘choo’. Hence, JuttiChoo!”

SC: What brought about the brand?

JC: “We wanted to reinvent and redesign the traditional Punjabi Jutti. We were working towards conceiving the brand for almost a year, until July 2015, when we launched it formally.”

SC: “JuttiChoo entwines age-old artistry with contemporary elegance”. How do you incorporate this in your creations?

JC: “We try our level best to include exquisite embroideries while retaining comfort levels. Pastels, pearls and diamonds- elements such as these just add to the contemporary feel of our creations.”

SC: Celebrating the fervour and folklore of the punjabi culture, how does Jutti Choo represent a modern Indian brand?

JC: “We’re constantly evolving with the changes and demands of the industry, but our soul is traditional and we will always retain that. Our latest collection can be worn with a pair of denims, shorts or even a saree- aren’t we an all-round?”

SC: What are the various crafts and techniques you work with?

JC: “Right from the embroidery to the making- our juttis are completely handmade. Even for our printed juttis- their motifs are drawn first and only then sent for printing. This entire process makes our prints extremely unique.”

SC: What were the first pair of juttis you designed?

JC: “Our best-sellers- the ‘Pearls and Roses’!”

SC: Who’s the ultimate celebrity you see in your shoes?

JC: “Every single one.”

SC: Three quick tips on choosing the right ethnic-footwear?

JC: “You can never go wrong with the colour gold! Secondly, no matter what you choose- it should be really comfortable. Also, never hesitate in trying colours!”

SC: How many pairs of footwear do you personally own?

JC: “Around 22-25.”

SC: If you could be a Punjabi jutti, what would you look like?

JC: “Our ‘Pearls and Roses’.”

SC: Are your roles divided through the design process of each creation?

JC: “Its simple- Amreen designs and Sushant approves!”

SC: Where does Jutti Choo stand on comfort vs style?

JC: “Our juttis possess style and comfort.”

SC: What does 2017 have in store for the brand?

JC: “The latest in design and improvisations into making the brand more accessible!”