Label to Love: Rutu Neeva

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LABEL NAME: Rutu Neeva (

OWNERS: Rutu Shah & Neeva Sheth, Designers and Co-founders

Rutu Neeva Profile Picture

SC: Your first fashion memory?

Rutu Shah: “Buying my first pair of knee-high leather boots back in the 90s.”

Neeva Shah: “Watching my mother get dressed for a night-out and having a thought of being exactly like her once I grew up.”

SC: What has changed since you first started the label?

RS: “With every collection we curate, our learning is immense. The experience has been extremely enriching and we’ve had a great learning curve over the years.”

NS: “My technical knowledge about bodies to silhouettes has gotten just better!”

SC: You surely have days where you simply illustrate your next new collection, is there a particular woman you sketch on paper?

RS: “I always have a modern Indian woman in mind.”

NS: “I end up sketching the typical Indian hour-glass figure, since it flatters most of our creations.”

SC: You’re in every top magazine and a plethora of celebrities are wearing your clothes, how does it feel being so successful as designers?

RS: “It’s excessively motivating to see people understand your sensibility and appreciate it.”

NS: “It really overwhelms us.”

SC: Colours hold imperative to you, how do you decide on the ones to use? Do you refer to pantone trends?

RS: “The colours we use are primarily based upon the theme of the collection.”

NS: “We don’t refer to pantone trends. We create a mood board for every collection and set the hues and tones accordingly.”

SC: Let us in on some fun facts about your recent collection?

RS: “Our Spring Summer’16 collection is all about bright-candy colors in fun and edgy silhouettes.”

NS: “It’s, hip, edgy and as always- very stylish.”

SC: What do you think is the next big change in Fashion in India?

RS: “Simplistic and clean is definitely the way forward for Indian fashion.”

NS: “Androgynous dressing (combination of masculinity and femininity) is the next big change- it’s not only about power dressing, but also about being it.”

SC: Your social media pages are buzzing with activity, how do you use the tool to expand your base?

RS: “It helps us in connecting with fashion lovers globally and provides us with an amazing platform to put our work out there.”

NS:Reaching out to a large audience with great amount of ease makes it superlatively convenient for us to communicate our creations through.

SC: What’s on the horizon for you and Rutu Neeva?

RS & NS: “We’re soon launching our Spring Summer ’16 collection, along with some interesting collaborations!”