Label to Love: State of Play

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LABEL NAME: State of Play (

OWNER: Ayesha Singh, Founder and Creative Head

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SC: State of Play! What was your thought behind the name?

AS: “Ideas and inspirations are constantly changing and end up creating an ephemeral state of play. Even if we take word ‘play’ literally- it’s a free and creative state of simply doing and becoming.”

SC: What started the label?

AS: “The day I stopped procrastinating.”

SC: What’s your definition of fashion?

AS: “Being comfortable in your own skin and having a strong sense of personal style.”

SC: What are the product categories you design?

AS: “Clothes, scarves and bags.”

SC: What has changed in your aesthetic since you started?

AS: “I’m currently yo-yoing between clashing prints and minimal-chic- two complete opposite ends of the spectrum.”

SC: What makes ‘State of Play’ modern?

AS: “I work with traditional fabrics and interpret them with modern aesthetics.” 

SC: What’s the story behind your recent collection?

AS: “Its a juxtaposition between growing up in the serene tea gardens of Assam with the madness of life in Mumbai.”

SC: What are the exciting materials and details in your latest collection?

AS: “Tribal ‘Mekhela Chadors’- a traditional outfit worn by Assamese women have been used to create boyfriend-style bomber jackets. I have also designed handwoven silk scarves made of eco-friendly fabrics such as as ‘Ahimsa’ silk (fabric of peace).”

SC: Do you have a muse? 

AS: “I aim at designing clothes that are versatile, pieces that can be put together by any woman in her own unique way.”

SC: What’s your pick from the collection? 

AS: “The Tassel White.”