Label to Love: Priyal Prakash House of Design

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LABEL NAME: Priyal Prakash House of Design
OWNERS: Priyal Prakash, Creative Head and Founder

StyleCracker: Tell us a little about the inception of your brand.
Priyal Prakash:
After completing four years with NIFT, I tried to hone my skills and started a small team of two tailors and one embroiderer in the by lanes of Shahpurjat, a designer’s hub in South Delhi. It now employs around 18 people comprising designers, managers, tailors, embroiderers, finishing staff and interns.

SC: How has your brand evolved over the years?
PP: With every collection, we aim at becoming braver and understanding how to make off-beat clothing that can still lure a woman. We are aiming to constantly bring down costs, improve our quality and give our clients more value for money. Also, include new colours, and fabrics and designs, and silhouettes that can cater to every age group.

SC: What are the aspects you keep in mind while designing your collection?
I try and not get swayed by trends or demands. Also, we want to constantly challenge conventions. So, instead of making just pretty clothes, we focus on making clothes that offer new ideas.

SC: We see a lot of colour play on your outfits. What are your favourite shades and what colour according to you works best for an Indian skin tone?
I believe all colours are great colours. People have their favourites, so do I. However as I designer, I have found myself getting attracted to different palettes at different times. The saturated Indian earthy palette comprising rich reds, maroons, pinks and greens and the muted palette comprising greys, dusty pinks, and dusty greens.I also am a huge fan of classics like the ivory and black together with gold accents.I think any colour looks good on anybody. We give far too much importance to what colour works for us and what doesn’t. It is a myth that some colours don’t work for us at all. I recommend my clients to pick up the style they like and then decide what colours they’d like.

SC: What’s your next collection all about?
PP: I like the interplay of lines, spaces, angles and shapes. Architecture inspires me a lot. In each collection, I try and work with one such element.

SC: What materials and techniques do you use to craft your pieces?
I am in awe of Indian textiles, handlooms, embroidery techniques and craft heritage. The Indian heritage is so vast, diverse and aesthetically strong that one lifetime is not enough to explore even half of it.

SC: Where are your products stocked?
PP:,,, Ogaan ( Emporio Mall, New Delhi) , Anantam (South Extension, New Delhi), Amara ( Kemps Corner, Mumbai)

SC: Out of your collection, which design or outfit in specific is your favourite?
PP: It’s difficult to pick one since I personally work on all my designs and get attached to all of them. However, some pieces from my first collection remain closest to my heart.

SC: Who are your favourite fashion designers?
Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Giorgio Armani, Missoni and Dior.