Learn Your Fashion Glossary Here!

Don’t know your knife pleats from neats? No worries, because we’ll give you a regular dose of fashion terms and glossary! You know all those words that fashion experts are always spouting that you never could make any sense of? SC will clear things out in detail in our fortnightly glossary posts. Read on!

Le Smoking – YSL revolutionised women’s evening dressing with the le smoking tuxedo in 1966. It was the first time women wore tuxedos and le smoking, being the first of its kind, paved the way for sleek evening suits for women.


Herringbone – This is a distinctively V-shaped twill weave usually found in tweed fabric. Herringbone coats are a chic, classic choice for the winters.


Dirndl Skirt – A flouncy skirt made from a rectangular pattern with the waist tightened to fit perfectly.
Epaulet – A purely decorative flap stitched on the shoulder area of a coat/ trench, like those found on Balmain and Burberry coats.


Paperbag Waist – A loose, pleated waistline that gives the impression of a scrunched bag when gathered at the waist. Adding volume at the same time as defining silhouettes, the paperbag waist emanates an effortless, insouciant cool.


Raglan – It’s a style of sleeve, where a continuous piece of fabric continues to the neck with no shoulder seam. Usually found in bomber jackets, Raglan sleeves say “sporty chic” like no other!


Welt Pockets – These are discreet slit entrance pockets, found commonly on tailored jackets. The welt pocket is used for fuss-free tailoring: think Stella McCartney and Celine.


Stay tuned until the next set of fashion terms!