Let 5 Bloggers Show You How To Get Glowing Skin With Makeup

Naturally glowing skin is something every girl wants. While you can definitely get it if you regularly exercise and eat right, getting your skin glowing with makeup has got to be a whole lot easier, right? When it comes to any kind of makeup look, there are a couple of bloggers we love taking tips from.

So yes, glowing like Jennifer Lopez is totally possible. Let these bloggers show you how:

Pia Muehlenbeck

JLo was the level of glow we were going for and with Pia’s tutorial, that’s exactly what you get. Brace yourselves though, there’s a whole lot of chit chat involved in this video.

Malvika Sitlani

Ditch your foundation and try Malvika Sitlani’s glowy tutorial. While it may look fantastic, using foundation every single day is just something no one has time for. So skipping the step altogether really makes all the difference.

Nikkie Tutorials

Nikkie took it a step further and shows you how to get Kendall Jenner’s natural, glowing look. If you can manage to get her base right, you could pretty much do anything when it comes to your makeup.

Deepica Mutyala

If you want something a bit more subtle, Deepica’s is the look you need to try. Her face doesn’t look too done up and yet it glows in all the right places!

Melissa Alatorre

Glossy skin is great but add on some glossy eyelids and you’re going to end up looking like an absolute supermodel! Like Melissa says, using a gloss to get those wet lids is hella messy. Try her shadow look to prevent creasing!