Let This Indian Beauty Blogger Show You 3 Ways To Add Colour To Your Eyes

Let’s be honest, the monsoons can be really dull. The humidity, splash back when you’re walking and that all around feeling of gloom doesn’t really end for three months of the year. Of course you can find ways to cheer yourself up and one of those, is with bright makeup.

Sure we tend to avoid wearing lighter shades during the rains but that doesn’t mean we have to stop adding some colour to our beauty routine, right?

Debasree Banerjee is a Mumbai based beauty YouTuber who has some of the most fun eye makeup tutorials on the internet. So we picked out our favourite bright ones and you’re going to be seeing us sporting these at least every weekend, if not every day for the next few months!

1. The Ombré Mermaid Eye

You never really grow out of wanting to be a mermaid. Since you can’t actually get that fishtail instead of feet, this is the next best option. Debasree shows you how to really make your eyeshadow pop and creates the neatest under-eye ombré we’ve seen. The key is to be gentle and have a light hand, you can always layer on the colour if you think it isn’t standing out enough.

2. The Feathery Blue-Green Liner

Skip your regular black eyeliner for something more colourful instead this season. All this look takes is two eye pencils – green and blue. Debasree does use some eyeshadow to layer the colours and make them look brighter. But another trick you could try is using a white eye pencil as a base and then add on the colour. The blank canvas makes the colour really show through and the end result is gorgeous!

3. The Edgy Pink Liner

Most of us have pinks and purples in our eyeshadow palettes and they’re all untouched. Well, it’s time to stick a brush in those and try this look. The way to make this precise is add concealer to the lower lash line before you start using your shadow. Make sure you go as close to the lash line as possible when you’re using the colour. Alternatively, you could also wet your brush a bit before dipping it in your shadow, so it’s even more precise while applying!