Let These Dreamy Photos Give You Some Much-Needed Summer Holiday Inspo

Most of my family and friends (and pretty much anyone sensible) plan their holiday in the sweltering months of May and early June to escape the heat. Me? I share a love-hate relationship with the sun – I love May and the brightness that comes with it; but at the same time, I hate that I’m sitting in the city while all my loved ones are on a plane to somewhere exotic.

In these situations, I live vicariously through their Instagram feeds. And over the last few weeks, I’ve found some lovely gems – they’ll make you feel like you’re on holiday too!

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Trishala Sikka went off to Botswana to hang with the scenery and some lovely animals

Larissa D’sa shared some amazing shots from Florida, Nagaland and Australia

Santoshi Shetty and her girlfriends went to Oman and headed straight for the Bimmah Sinkhole

And Kritika Khurana sent some love from New South Wales, Australia as well

Roshni Bhatia steamed up our screens from Bikaner in Rajasthan

Maia Sethna posted some gorgeousness from the mountains in Ladakh

Siddhi from SettleSubtle took in the culture in Milan

Rohina Anand took us on a little photo trip to London

While Sheefa Gilani climbed up the steps to Park Guell in Barcelona

Feel like you’re on holiday? We do too!