Life’s most important lessons from a ladykiller

Murders of charm are acquitted off the court.

Since her eyes are to kill and the legs to strut the cobbles, it doesn’t mean the men can’t not cause trouble (with their magnetism, of course). Talk about exploits that keep his life thickened, women would appear in every shape and form. Why? Go figure! Who are these men and why are they so darn good? Identity withheld, we got one of them to reveal five secrets that’d help you elevate your charm (at a pub crawl, wedding or while doing the moonwalk). Lessons from a casanova!

“Our stories aren’t from childhood and nor involve Noddy, they absorb and hypnotise your emotions for you.”

Recite a tale, but don’t turn a telltale.


Engage her mind and bring her to notice, a snake play of your charm wouldn’t work without a good flow of thought. She needs to feel absorbed in all that you utter, so build on her trust towards every word you speak. Building connections? Rule 1 of making a move.

“You’re my ‘only one’ we say, but every time do, we don’t mean it at all.”

She could be your fifth, but who said that’s true?


They love to feel unique, so give them what they want. After what you experience post the efforts you put in, you’ll thank them dear for millenniums together. Since she’s the woman in the world that deserves all your love- shower her with gifts and smile at randomness. Extend some care and understand the emotions, and trust the climax to drive you nuts.

“Gambling’s for the weak but everyone’s permitted a play.”

Everything on the table wouldn’t ask for much.


Leave much to imagine and don’t turn into a horny bill. Slip words with ease and make them sound unplanned- spontaneity in speech will make her mind wander. Are you the man she’d been waiting to meet? Maybe not, but who cares? Lead her on till she yearns to stop.

“We’re way past childhood but playground’s our favourite word.”

Kids, stay vary.


Consider your life to be a game of teasing and trust the obvious to emerge as the winner (you, yourself, of course). Playfulness of a puppy will get her to pant, so the right dosage of ‘playing a little hard to get’ a day will never keep your woman away. After all, naughty kids are naughty for a reason. No?

“All said and done, the element of patience is the key to her heart.”

Talk about the keys to make her your mistress.


If she’s misplaced her house keys and wants to call it a night, prepare yourself for that random bed crash (talk about aims being fulfilled). But just in case, if the key to her heart isn’t the right one at the right time, your patient self will suffice for the mistake. Women love being waited upon, so give her some time. Let her react to things whenever she wants, rushing into everything won’t get you what you anywhere. Patience always prevails. And so will your victory tonight, big lad.

Took notes, yes?


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