Lingerie Quotes That Will Make You Want To Buy A New Bra NOW!

Black might be one of our favourite colours, but you’ve got to admit, it can get super monotonous. To break that routine, it’s always nice to add some colour, even if it’s just for you to see. And that’s where Candyskin comes in. Their range of lingerie is available in pretty much all the shades of the rainbow, and in practically every style a girl could need.

While that was enough to get us in the mood to buy a new set (or five), we came across these quotes that made us hit “proceed to checkout” even faster.

Take a look:

On making a statement

On expressing yourself

On being who you are

On telling a story

On how it makes you feel

P.S. They’re celebrating their one year anniversary all through the month and have some cool deals online! You can shop their collection here and if you’re worried about finding the perfect size, they have that sorted out too. Take their quiz here.