Why We Love St+Art India’s Sassoon Dock Art Project

My best friend lives close to the Colaba Post Office, so I’m constantly driving to that side of town. One thing (apart from the traffic) has been constant during these drives – the part when you quickly roll up your windows as you reach Sassoon Dock. The area that’s generally cordoned off from the public threw open their gates for St+Art’s Urban Art Festival. It’s safe to say that I will never think of the Docks like I used to again.

Filled with wall murals, paintings and sculptures by over forty Indian and International artists, the two month exhibit is something almost everyone in this city has experienced – if not in person, then on social media. Once you enter the 142 year old space, it doesn’t feel like you’re in Mumbai anymore – except for that strong whiff of fish, that you eventually get used to as you walk through the exhibit.

Take a look at what we saw:

Of course we couldn’t resist taking some photos at the Docks. Here are some of our favourite instillations:

Each painting, mural and instillation comes with an inspiration note, you can even read about them all here.

The exhibit is on till the 30th of December and is free for all. Make sure you go take a look and don’t forget to take some photos!