Maison Blu at The SC Borough!

Maison Blu by Anisha and Reema will be at the SC Borough on 15th November, and we got Anisha to talk fashion and style with us! It’s 11 days till the biggest Borough yet, and we can hardly wait for excitement!

What was your inspiration behind this collection?

Anisha: Linear structures, geometric lines and abstract forms. We believed the sharp contrast of structured lines against fluid silhouettes would come together as a bold appearance as against the beaten track of floral motifs.

What is the best advice you ever received in terms style and fashion, and by whom?

Anisha: Back in the days of fashion school we were always taught to catch a certain concept and steer clear from mixing it with unnecessary drama. Clean lines and minimalistic work exuberating maximum effort would always win over crowded dressing ideas. We understood this as a team and built on it which has always reflected in our garments.

How would you define style? If your brand was a person, what would her/his style be like?

Anisha: We strongly believe in individualistic persona. To ensure our clients feel & look good and exude confidence is our definition of style. If our brand was a person her style would be a burst of fun, young at heart and chic designs. Following trends and yet giving them her own twist would describe Maison Blu.

What is the colour palette of the season?

Anisha: Pastels with a tinge of freshness and at the same time a few deep hues for creating that elegant evening look.

This season’s Buy, Store & Throw, according to you.

Anisha: Buy – capes and palazzos teamed with crop tops
Store – anarkalis because they are a timeless creation and are a go-to for any occasion
Throw – ill fitted jeans

3 things you are completely obsessed with.

Anisha: Clothes, shoes, bags .. Does a girl need anything else?

Among the current talent, what labels would we find in your wardrobe?

Anisha: Dev R Nil and Payal Singhal

If the world is ending tomorrow, what would you wear to the doomsday party tonight?

Anisha: A fully embellished zuhair murad gown that would make any girl look ethereal.

Who’s your current celebrity crush?

Anisha: Hrithik Roshan

If you could choose 1 Bollywood celebrity and 1 international celebrity to represent your brand, who would they be?

Anisha: Shraddha Kapoor and Reese Witherspoon

Your one guilty pleasure?

 Anisha: Weekly trips to the spa!

The Maison Blu collection is a must-see for the glam fashionistas of the town. It features elegant pieces with tasteful embellishments that instantly up the chic factor. SC has already allocated a few to our Must Have list!


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