Make your make-up stay put this summer

Why do we dread the summers? Nor does the hair stay in place, neither does your make-up. The minute you step foot out of your house, the wrath of this humidity envelops you and turns your face into an oil bed and makes your liner crease; but ladies, fear not, as we have brought you tips to summer-proof your make-up.

Go sun-proof

sunscreen 1First of all do not go for full-coverage, heavy makeup. Keep your skin feeling light and let the natural complexion shine through, remember it’s all about enhancing your natural features and a bit of shine would always keep it looking healthy. For that use an oil-free sunscreen, it is matt and does not add to much oil to your skin. It would even out your skin, act as a primer and of course, would protect you against the UV rays.

Let it breathe!

FOUNDATION8squareFollow up with your foundation, but let your skin breathe by using less of it; if you have dry skin you could always go in for cream based foundation – as dry skin would retain its nature even in the humid weather. Go on and dust some translucent powder on top, but if you have oily or combination skin then skip the cream base and go in for foundations, that are water based as they do not crease into the lines.

Go your lipliners out!

lipliner 2 When sweat and powders mix, the result isn’t pretty. Sheer cream shadows tend to cake less in hot weather – plus, they glisten in the sun.Lips are better to be kept matt, Skip the lipstick, and go straight in for your lipliner, apply it all over your lips, they last – almost – throughout the day and the colour payoff is phenomenal.

Won’t budge!


As for you liner, liquid liner may take patience and practice, but once on, a good formula won’t budge or smudge in the heat like a kohl pencil can.

Get peachy cream!


Keep your natural flush; try not to cover it up with foundation and let it shine through, but if your too wary then you could opt for cheek tints or cream blush, apply them before the foundation after the foundation is set, your cheeks would give a natural flush. To finish, dust the face with a translucent powder on top, using more in the areas that are rather oily and Voila’, you are ready for the day.

Blott it away!

blotting papersOnce, out of the house, carry some blotting papers and your translucent powder in the bag and whenever you feel that the sweat is getting to you, dab them onto your skin – just dab – and reapply the translucent powder and you would have a fresh and sprightly appearance throughout the day.