MANTHROPOLOGY: New Rules of Style for Men

StyleCracker tells you what to keep and delete for 2016! Starting this week on the blog, our new section ‘Manthropology’ is dedicated to the urban man and will flip through the season’s hottest items and tips for men. Our first ever Manthropology decodes the latest trends from this season and how you can replace tired classics with these super cool updates!

DELETE: White tee

white tshirt telfar

KEEP: Tropical print tee

pharell Williams tropical

SC HACK: While the classic white tee may never go out of style, it’s more versatile and stylish cousin- the tropical print tee- is also here to stay. Layer your tailored blazer with an understated print tee for a formal office look or a loud vibrant one on days off.

DELETE: White shirt


KEEP: Denim Shirt

ayu (1)

SC HACK: It’s rugged, easy to maintain and super flattering for all body types and age groups. Put on a solid tee, hop it with an unbuttoned denim shirt, wear your comfy jogger pants and you’re ready to pull off a Beckham-esque look.

DELETE: Tailored, skinny, jeans

David-Beckham-white sneakers

KEEP: Distressed Jeans


SC HACK: Best part? The less you wash them, the cooler they look. Not the best look for work but gets our vote for all off-duty occassions. Tattered at the knee or slashed throughout, wear them with ginghams or go all-classic by pairing with tropicals.

DELETE: Straight-fit tailored trousers

Hunter Original

KEEP: Slim-fit gingham trousers


SC HACK: The new boardroom essential, these go well with your collection of formal jackets and office waistcoats. Opt for close knits for a subtle statetment and move on to bigger, more graphic checks once you are more confident.

DELETE: Cable-knit sweater


KEEP: Collegiate sweatshirt


SC HACK: Hip, sporty and ultra-urban, it’s time to pull out your old college sweat shirt from the back of your closet. Opt for neutrals like grey, beige and military green for a polished statement.

DELETE: Linen blazer

Ovadia and Sons

KEEP: Leather bomber jacket

Ranbir Kapoor

SC HACK: Think of it as an investment. Whether you are travelling or simply enjoying some good weather outdoors. Pair it with chinos or the darkest denim, and you’re good to go.

DELETE: Mocassins or loafers


KEEP: White sneakers


SC HACK: You can find them just about everywhere right now! And if you don’t want to splurge, there are tons of affordable options available. Jeans, shorts, track pants- whatever look you’re going for, they work with all!