MANTHROPOLOGY: Seven Quick Tips into nailing Gym Fashion!

Stir up that envy at the gym! Stretch that body and look super good. We’re upping your style stakes and you’re going to look expensive. While the women sit waiting to gush and swoon, here are quick tips to lift those weights with style and comfort! 

Be colour-smart!

Be Colour - Be smart

Leave the boring ones home! Play with colour tones, keeping the practicality high. Avoid the lighter greys, sweat patches are a sight we’re not waiting to see. 

The Basketball Shoe

Basket ball 3

We don’t mean physical education class carry-forwards. Lighter, more sophisticated and providing great comfort while lifting those heavy weights- a pair of basketball shoes will last longer even than your regular trainers.

Slim Gym Pants

Slim pants 2

Tailor them maybe! Slim color-blocked joggers really need a buy and they’re sure to give you heads that’d turn around for days. Toned guy legs, take note here!

A Cap


Save that extra time in the morning! Stick to classic baseballs or maybe a cool hat- hop them on and you’re good to go!

Hood it right!

Hood it right

No brand names and those horrid varsity hoodies! Aim at athleisure and it’s endless possibilities in prints. They’d fade over time, so remember to change them every six months!

The Earphone Game

The earphone game

There’s no good workout that ends without some blaring music. Practical, small and easy to stow- opt for earbuds that are fashionably hip, avoiding the boring blacks and your usual phone accessories.

The Duffel Bag

Duffle bag - 2_DONE

Heavy-duty and major athletic appeal! Regardless of your work-gear, a duffel bag would never leave you disappointed. Choose a brighter hue or a monochromatic tone, it’s hard to go wrong with this stylish gym bag!

StyleCracker Hack: Any combination above three colors is real gym disaster. 

Happy sweating!



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