10 quick tips to make your dress shoes last longer than usual

Treat them right and you’ll have shoes that will last you a long time! Here are some StyleCracker hacks you’ll be thankful for.

Polish more often:


Give them a polish every now and then, or probably more on days of bad weather.

Invest in a Shoe Tree:


Shoe trees will make your dress shoes go that extra mile. They fill out the shoes and keep them in shape, besides barring the leather from shrinking and creasing.

When they get soaking wet:


Stuff them with crumpled paper and place right under the fan, or under moderate amount of sunlight. Direct sunlight cracks leather.

So, weather-proof them:


Use a non-silicone spray or a rain/stain repellent, they’re easily available and aren’t too expensive.

Suede Shoes:

670px-clean-leather-shoes-step-9 (1)

Invest in a protective suede spray. Another tip is – take a suede eraser to do away with small blemishes, and using a suede brush, restore your gentle leather.

Bad Odour:


Wash your feet and socks often. Insert an unvarnished shoe tree all the way in, they absorb the perspiration, deodorizing the shoes and straightening them again.

Patent Leather Shoes:

how to clean patent leather shoes

Use a damp cloth, a drop of mild soap or some Vaseline. Patent leather cleaners are easily available too and bring back the gloss, leaving the shoes shiny for days.

The Shoe Conditioner:

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 2.03.21 PM

If it’s been a while and your shoes are drying up, use a moisturizing conditioner or dab on some petroleum jelly.

Replace the soles:


They usually last for about five years and once they get uncomfortable, replace them instantly.

The Welt Brush


It might look like a toothbrush but it does wonders! It gets off all the grit and leaves the shoes clean.

STYLE CRACKER HACK: Before slipping in to your latest pair of dress shoes, ask your cobbler to place a rubber in-sole. Rubber protects the leather soles from damage and ends up more comfortable and affordable in the long run.