MANTHROPOLOGY: The Bowling Shirt

Think Charlie Sheen in Two-and-half-Men for reference but with a 2016 update. Here’s why every guys needs a bowling shirt in his wardrobe.

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Reminiscent of the 1950s, the bowling shirt is cool, effortless and super comfortable thanks to it’s boxy, oversize shape. The new-season versions come in not just solid colours but also a variety of prints like florals and graphics and patterns like checks and bold stripes. Also known as the ‘pajama’ shirt or Hawaiian shirt, this must-have is heavy on style!


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Classic to modern, boxy to tapered or all-vintage looking, bowling shirts bear a soft-controlled feel throughout all variants. Wear them with your turkey necks or Russian winter coats!


Styles - Bowling shirt

Solids and color-blocks to the most lively of prints today, bowling shirts are out there in plenty. While layering them up, think prints for solids and follow color schemes for prints!


Fabric - 2016 SS Vivienne Tam

Cotton or polyester, opt for fabrics that let your skin breathe and fit like a dream. Trade in for silk versions, they might a tad bit expensive but look classy for days!


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Best worn untucked, wear the solid shirts with tailored-fit trousers or pair them with ripped jeans on your more laid-back days!


Paul Rudd

Isn’t it always fun in personalising stuff? Customize your bowlers with monogram initials, or use computerised prints for added cheer!