Meet The Brand Bringing Down Beauty Secrets From Women All Over The World

There are a whole lot of beauty products out there that can treat pretty much every skin issue you might be having. But wake up with a zit one morning and the only instant cure will come from your mum, sister or grandmother. You won’t think twice about trying it because it’s been passed down for generations and lets face it, the solution works.

Now imagine bringing secrets like these, from women all over the world, through different traditions and cultures and presenting it to you in one neat package? Say hello to Global Beauty Secrets – they’ve just launched in India and with their handful of power-packed products, they’re sure to make an impact on your beauty ritual.

Divided into face, hair and body, all their products come with natural ingredients sourced from all over the world and you’ll find them at the StyleCracker Night Market on the 12th and 13th of October. But before we get there, lets explore the collection so you know what to add to your shopping list!



You’ll find a Japanese adzuki bean face wash that works as a great exfoliator, an Indian Panchamrit ritual inspired milk and saffron toner that boosts hydration and improves the elasticity of your skin, a Turkish watermelon and argan oil day cream with natural sun protection and a Greek face mask which comes with activated charcoal that will help deep cleanse the toxins from your face while minimising pores and reducing excess oil from the skin.


Their set of hair products promises to keep your hair strong, smooth and shiny. It comes with an Egyptian honey and castor hair oil that improves the heath of your hair and strengthens the follicles. A Turkish shampoo and conditioner combo with rose and mint that promotes hair growth and provides hydration to beat frizz. and a Turkish Rhassoul hair mask that reduces oiliness and restores the balance to your scalp.

This Turkish Hamam Ritual inspired combination serves as an ideal root to tip treatment.


You’ll feel like you’re at the spa when you use their body products. An Aztec soap that’s made with cocoa and walnut kernels to exfoliate, help the skin glow and provide nourishment. A Greek body moisturiser with yogurt and lavender that protects from sunburn and keeps you feeling calm all day long. And an Indian body mist made of rose, aloe vera and kewda that’s super refreshing and moisturising.

Can’t wait to try them? Neither could we! Find Global Beauty Secrets and all their amazing products at the StyleCracker Night Market on the 12th and 13th of October, 2pm to midnight at Tote on the Turf. RSVP here.