Men’s grooming kit essentials

So, you have donned on your best attire to look dapper and are on your best behaviour to impress a girl. But, you go with razor burns, sans grooming your stray nostril hairs and with unkempt fingernails? Believe us guys; your attempt at looking spry has gone down the drain. We are not saying that we expect you whisk out a lip balm to reapply every two minutes, but we like you being well groomed – yes, we notice these small things, which you think make no difference. So, here are a few grooming essentials for you.

A Shaving Kit


This one is a must! Those disposable razors will be the death of you. Do yourself a favour and invest in a good shaving kit; it would contain an after-shave, a shaving cream and a badger brush – which you do need – and a decent razor.



Go ahead and opt for an all-in-one razor if you like to maintain a bard – you have to maintain a neat one and not look like a homeless person.

An All-in-one Wash

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Don’t think that you can get away with just spritzing some cologne and without actually douching. We are not saying that you need to use a different shower gel, face wash and a shampoo – you can just use an all-in-one wash, but you do need to go and take a bath. Nothing freshens up an appearance like a bath; even you would fall in love with yourself.

A Hair Cream


As far getting dirt of your mane is concerned, the wash takes care of it. But guys, you need to tame them too. Just because you – generally – have shorter hair than us women; it does not give you the levy to keep them unkempt. A bit of hair cream used to tame them would do no harm.

A Grooming Kit


Now, this kit is vital, as it would take care of all those long nostril hairs and earlobe hair, which ruin you appearance. You can just use it after your shaving routines to cut or tweeze those annoy strays out of your way.

A Cologne


Many a times a bath is not enough. You are out the whole and cologne helps in masking the body odour. Also, a musky and fresh fragrance entices women. Just remember not to overdo with the spritzing, it should just be enough to blend in with your body and not something that would give a headache.