Met Gala 2018: Fashion & Beauty Moments That Blew Our Minds

The first Monday of May is reserved for one thing and one thing alone – Vogue’s Annual Met Gala. It’s the one evening when celebrities descend upon the steps of the Met Museum decked out in whatever theme the Costume Institute is displaying for that year. While some people at the StyleCracker HQ thought the theme could very well be Game of Thrones this year (after scrolling through Instagram this  morning), it’s actually Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination. Which is why you saw all those big crosses and even bigger halos.

While pretty  much everyone went all out, there were a few moments that really stood out and made us double tap till our thumbs went numb.

Rihanna was one of the co-hosts this year and lets just say she hit the nail on the head. Her pope hat and the rest of her outfit is by Maison Margiela

Is that a fallen angel from heaven? Nope, it’s just Katy Perry in Versace

Of all the hair styles at the Met this year (and there were a whole lot) Jasmine Sanders’ floral do was my absolute favourite.

Yes, that’s a halo around Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s head!

Blake Lively on the steps of the Met will never go unnoticed. She’s wearing Versace

Jennifer Lopez finally moved away from her regular sheer gowns but somehow she still managed to raise temperatures.

Kylie Jenner’s outfit was quite insignificant. But her gold, diamond studded glasses cannot escape this list!

By far the most wearable outfit of the evening belonged to Natalia Vodianova, wouldn’t you agree?

Is Cara Delevingne starring in a sequel of Suicide Squad I don’t know about?

Alessandro Michele, Lana Del Ray and Jared Leto make the most attractive threesome – head to toe in Gucci

Her dragons may not be around, but Emilia Clarke seems to be channelling major Khaleesi vibes

And the award for the best dressed man of the evening goes to Darren Criss!

Priyanka Chopra! Is that really you!?

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